Spring Break Staycation: Part II

As promised (I know you’ve been waiting!), I will now brief you on the second half of my Spring Break. If you missed Part I, check it out.

Most of the second half of my two-week long break was spent hanging out with my roommate (housemate, whatever), Angie. She was gone for the first week (in warm, sunny Arizona–lame), but thankfully she came back a few days after my visitor left because I was really over the 24/7 hanging out with myself at that point. Although I did do a considerable amount of baking in that time, which was awesome.

It was unseasonably nice outside on her first day back, so we of course decided to take advantage of this by going to a local brewery to patio-sit. There we enjoyed a yummy, seasonal beer and caught up on each other’s lives. The patio backs up to the Sammamish River Trail, so it was packed with all sorts of people taking a refreshing break from walking/running/cycling.

Patio-sitting under blue skies

From there we decided to head to downtown Seattle and the Pike Place Market area to walk around like tourists locals. I had been there the previous weekend and it was not at all busy or crowded, but this weekend was different. Tons of people everywhere. It’s all about the weather, apparently. We did a lot of walking and browsing and tasting, and minimal buying. I also finally went inside the first ever Starbucks. Just looked around. Did not order a drink. I don’t really understand why there is always an outrageous line to get in there, but it is kinda cool, I guess.

Banjo-strummin’ outside THE Starbucks

The highlight of the day, however, was finally seeing the gum wall!

I don’t know the story behind the gum wall (I should probably look that up…), but it’s more like an alleyway that is plastered in gum. Gross, yes. But also neat. So much gum. I did not know where this place was hidden when I was in the area with my parents in September, and then I totally forgot about going to see it the week before. This time, though, mission was accomplished.

Note on the above photo: I’m basically a Delta Zeta model. Did anyone else spot the pink and green letters on the wall? I did not notice them until after I was home. Hope my DZ friends enjoy. 🙂

Angie pretend-licking. Yummy!

Cute, I know.

After the gum wall we did a little more browsing, followed by some eating, and then we walked along the water. I really cannot explain how gorgeous I find the water + mountains combo, especially when the weather is nice. I try to take pictures and fail miserably at capturing anything that comes close to the realtime splendor. One would think I’d have given up by now. Not so. And I’ll probably keep trying. And also failing.

Puget Sound + mountains view from Alaskan Way and Pike(?)-ish(?)

The rest of the week was mostly spent doing really enthralling things like watching movies, taking walks to the grocery store to get ice cream, visiting grocery stores we’d not previously been to, taking more walks, going to yoga, etc., etc., etc. Exciting life I lead, I tell you. Actually, we did go out one night, to a bar called The Little Red Hen, which was quite fun and entertaining. We went with a group of people, and unbeknownst to us it was karaoke night. There was a very interesting crowd, and a significant amount of country music was played/sung. I almost (almost!) forgot I was in Seattle.

So, all in all, good Spring Break Staycation was had. I am now back to school and already feeling slightly behind and overwhelmed, but that’s really nothing new. I obviously have plenty of time for activities such as blogging, so I think I’m doing okay. Only eight weeks ’til summer!

And I’ll leave you with some solid advice from part of a mural inside The Little Red Hen…


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