Pumpkin Party!

On Friday night, my roommates and I hosted a Pumpkin Party at our house.

The hosts: Desiree, myself, Amy.

The idea was for everyone to bring a pumpkin-themed food item to share and to enjoy good food and company. Let’s be real- it’s October, who doesn’t love pumpkin right now?

The party was a HUGE hit! I am so happy we decided to do it. We are all in the middle of midterms, and I think everyone needed a little outside-of-school activity. I have learned over the last year that maintaining balance is one of the absolute most important things that crazy intense Bastyr students can do for themselves. Pumpkin Party = great balance maintenance.

This is merely a FRACTION of the goodies:

There was SO much great stuff. In addition to what’s pictured above, there was Pumpkin Chili, Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin & Butternut Squash Risotto, Cheesy Pumpkin Pasta, and more. Oh, and more cider, more beer, and more wine.

Amy and I did a rough estimate of the total attendance and it was near 30. Pretty impressive for a last minute/first attempt at hosting a social gathering. May have to start hosting more frequently… Not to be overly-ambitious, or anything.

With bluegrass on in the background (duh) and pumpkin candles burning on every table, the evening was spent standing around, sitting around, chatting, meeting new people, sipping, and tasting. And if I learned one thing about hosting, it was that I MUST START TAKING MORE/BETTER PHOTOS. I think I got over the take-one-million-photos-per-night phase and moved straight to the oops-I-forgot-to-take-pictures phase. So, thank you to Desiree and Jena for sharing these photos.

Ingrid, Rebecca, me, Shauna

Note on the above photo:

Ingrid is a new friend in my program at school. She is from Chicago and just moved here. I decided I wanted to be friends with her during the first week of school (and declared this to Rebecca). She lives not close to me and doesn’t have a vehicle and dealt with all sorts of public transportation issues to get to the Pumpkin Party. I think that means we’re friends.

Rebecca and I are literally always together at school. We were friends last year during our Post-Bacc studies, so it was only natural that we hang out with one another when we started our actual program with brand new people. I think our classmates think we are one person, which is maybe not a good thing, but we have lots of new friends, too- don’t worry. Rebecca almost didn’t make the party due to work, but obviously she could not stay away.

And you may remember Shauna from my bluegrass adventures last Spring. She is not currently taking classes, so I never see her and was happy that she made it! She also lives not close and is vehicle-less and so dealt with transportation issues getting to the party.

Thank you, friends, for coming!!!! And thank you, roommates, for co-hosting! And thanks to every person who made it. A lot of people met a lot of new people, and I think a great time was had by all.

Oh, and thank you, dearest mother of mine, for sending me pumpkin potpourri (for like, the 4th year in a row) from the Fair Grove Heritage Reunion/Craft Festival. ‘Twas perfect.

Annnnnddd, in case you missed it- one of the greatest things about the Pumpkin Party was that it gave me an excuse to wear my favorite orange and black striped tights…for the third year in a row.

Ingrid, Rebecca, me.

Yay, Pumpkin Party!

Happy Halloween to you all!


In case anyone is wondering what season we’re currently experiencing here…

Thanks, Whole Foods’ parking garage pumpkin patch, for the reminder.

The weather has actually been really un-fall-like (sunny!) since I’ve been back, but Seattle-land has now made the transition.

Friday morning look at the city, from the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

So, to give the weather a proper welcome, I did all sorts of Falltastic things this weekend.

Saturday night was spent in front of the fire–with a roommate, homework, and Modern Family.

We’re working on getting a TV…

And today was spent largely in the kitchen. Yay! I did A LOT of homework on both Friday night and Saturday night in order to have kitchen time today. Sweet life, I know.

Pumpkin bran muffins, chili, and roasted root veggies- I’d say a did a pretty okay job of giving Fall a proper welcome.

And now I’m sitting at school, in a sweater, drinking hot tea, and wishing I were napping instead of procrastinating.

Entrance to Bastyr, through St. Edward’s State Park. 14 October 2012.

Happy Fall, y’all. 🙂

“Just Keep Swimming”…

…is my mantra for the next 8.5 weeks. And there is no beach or sun involved. Just Advanced Macronutrients, Disease Processes, Intuitive Eating, Nutrition Through the Life Cycle, and Fundamentals of Counseling. It really hit me this week what being a MASTER OF SCIENCE entails. And that is a lot. A lot a lot a lot.

My friend classmate Rebecca and I split this awesomeness on Wednesday when we thought the school world was coming crashing down upon us.

It was seriously phenomenal. Came from the Bastyr cafeteria and had great ingredients–whole wheat flour, flax seed, olive oil and more. Probably the best cinnamon roll I’ve ever had. Bold statement, I know. Life was definitely better after it.

So, for the next 8.5 weeks I will be repeatedly telling myself to just keep swimming. And doing things in the meantime that contribute to sanity maintenance.

Like weeknight baking of Spiced Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins (adapted from Daily Garnish!). For no reason.

Awful photo, I know. So good, though.

And getting up at 6am on no-class Friday to start writing a paper in order to feel good enough about my productivity to go out for a short while that night.

At The Yard. Super great place in Greenwood.

And making this (kinda time consuming- lotta chopping!).

Collard greens, red cabbage, wild rice, red bell pepper, parsley, pumpkin seeds. Dressed in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic. Adapted from Feeding the Whole Family (third edition) by Cynthia Lair (Sasquatch Books, 2008).

And…doing things other than eating. Like, taking leisurely walks, going to yoga, meeting friends for coffee, painting my nails. And blogging, obviously.

So, two weeks down, 8.5 to go. And I’m definitely counting. It’s still sunny here, so that’s great. It’s getting darker, though. And I think the rain is coming soon. Yay! Joke.

Happy October to you all!

Go Cards.