Rewind, Part 2 {Home for the Holidays}

If you missed the first rewind and are interested in a food photo overload, you can click here for more fun (or just scroll down).

As you can imagine, December through the New Year holiday was lovely…because I spent it at home among loved ones! I will warn you, this post is lennnnggthy and photo-heavy. Continue at your own discretion.

I flew into Kansas City, where my college lover picked me up.


We hadn’t seen each other in a year, so we obviously had a significant amount of catching up to do, which is exactly what we did for several hours (over several drinks) upon my arrival. We also visited with her sister (a former roommate of mine), her nieces, and her mom the next day. And it was SO good to see all of them. And thennnn, things got even more exciting! More people I love showed up!





Sorry, can’t help myself with the photos! Long story short- I had a great weekend in KC and wish I could’ve stayed longer and seen more people. Other (unpictured) KC things that occurred include: visiting the Plaza (to see the lights, duh), spending the night with a couple pretty cool people and the most adorable 2-year-old on the planet, hanging out in Liberty and giving the boyfriend a solid WJC tour, and seeing my high school BFF whom I hadn’t seen since her wedding 13 months prior. 😦  I was SO happy to see her even if it was for a brief hour on the way out of town.

Then, after a day in Waynesville (boyfriend town), I really went home. To Springtown and to my parents’ house, where I was greeted by this:


Haha. Love it. And of course I loved on the pups while I was home.



The big to-do during my first week at home was actually a really big deal…

Post-last-college-class bubbly

Post-last-college-class bubbly

My brother graduated from Missouri State! Yaaaayyy, brother!!!




Also, my brother’s girlfriend/my dear friend, Jessica, graduated.


So there was a much-deserved little party, and I think everyone had a good time.



Congrats, again, to the graduates!

With graduation in the bag, we were able to move on to Christmas festivities.


Yaaayyy, cookies! This post is actually more out of control than I anticipated, so it is To Be Continued…

Stay tuned for Christmas and New Year’s recaps. I know you’re on the edge of your seat- my apologies.

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