Spring Break Staycation – Part I

My two week long Spring Break came and went, and I spent the entirety of it in Seattle. This was not exactly ideal, but it did have its shining moments. My school follows a quarter system (as opposed to a semester system), so that means I had a solid two (2!) weeks of nothingness between the end of Winter Quarter and the beginning of Spring Quarter. Of course the first thing I felt inclined to do with my freedom from nutrition school was this:

(iPhone photo taken with zero intention of being published)

Peanut Butter S’mores Brownies. I adapted the recipe slightly from the one I found here. Despite the adaptations, I still cringed a tad at my use of a couple processed ingredients (nutrition student FAIL), but this was worth it. So delicious.

The most notable thing that occurred over my break, however, was this guy coming to visit:

St. Patrick’s Day photo captured by a guy proclaiming to be Ansel Adams

He was here on St. Patrick’s Day, so obviously we went to a bar to enjoy a green beer, because that is the Irish American thing to do. The above photo is in black and white because I was served a green beer that had more green than beer, which turned our teeth a nice shade of gross green. Though this may sound festive, I can assure you that green tinted teeth are attractive on no one, no matter the holiday. I refused to let either of us drink said beer and politely asked the bartender for a new one. He replaced my one nasty beer with two drinkable-by-Kristen-standards beers, so further crisis was averted.

The rest of the time we traipsed around the Seattle area doing a combination of local and tourist things. There was a lot of eating and a lot of beer sampling.

We had homemade pizza night…

We tried a lot of (mostly Pacific Northwest) beers…

We visited a brewery (or 3)…

and caught a glimpse of the Puget Sound from the balcony of the brewery.

I’m pretty sure Washington state is the brew capital of the world.

Among the other touristy things we did was a Space Needle visit. We went to the top, where we stuffed ourselves with a delicious brunch at the rotating SkyCity Restaurant, and then braved the cold/wind/rain to go out and see Seattle from above.

The weather was pretty terrible (i.e. typical Seattle) the whole time, but overall I’d say we enjoyed ourselves and made the most of it. It was definitely nice for me to have someone from home here to show around. Sometimes I feel like I live in a foreign country, so it was fun to see that feeling understood (and agreed with) by someone from the homeland.

Post-brunch at the top of the Space Needle

Spring Break Staycation – Part I: success.


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