My Good List

I have this friend here (okay, maybe she’s my boss, too) who has a daily practice of posting “My Good List”. I often read her Good Lists and am happy thereafter. These lists are a recap of ‘things’ for which she finds herself thankful that day. I say ‘things’ because there is really no criteria for what’s included in My Good List, which is awesome and how it should be. Examples of some Good List items are: love and blessings, compliments on my hair, being in the here and now, the bald eagle and two deer I saw this weekend, the dinner my daughter made, my daughter’s enthusiasm about [fill in the blank], my co-workers, Natural Medicine, sunshine, chatting with [insert person’s name], hot tea at night, cozy PJ’s, my warm home, a TED talk by [someone] etc., etc., etc. Hopefully you get the idea.

Where am I going with this? Well, to be honest, this quarter is proving to be rough. I try to keep that to myself as much as possible, and I won’t bore you with scholastic details, but know that it is tiring. Emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. For the record, I know that my stresses are menial in the grand scheme of things and also that I put myself here. I promise I’m not complaining, and where I’m going with all this is…

Every single day I find myself thinking of and about things that–in the midst of this personally taxing time–make me happy and grateful and, honestly, which make my life easier. So, in the spirit of being hyperconscious of counting my blessings recently, here is a brief version of My Good List, as applies to the here and now.

  • Finding the Bothell Way Garage. Those guys are Heaven sent.
  • My co-workers at the clinic. I enjoy going to work.
  • Professors who are visibly passionate and truly care about their students.
  • Being able to call the most amazing support system a person could EVER ask for my own. Even if it’s 2,000 miles away.
  • My classmates…who are the best form of empathy and stress relief and encouragement.
  • Andrea and Lisa and being able to hang out in their dining room and enjoy wine/cider/beer/Lisa’s food and the best conversations. And the occasional cookie-making failure with Andrea.
  • Rachel Held Evans and her “A Year of Biblical Womanhood”. THIS BOOK IS FOR EVERYONE. I promise. Read it!!!!!!! It has to speak for itself, but you won’t regret it. I.PROMISE. (It says a lot for me to consistently read a book for fun while in school).
  • The random guy at a stoplight who somehow got my attention to tell me that my tire was almost flat.
  • Bastyr friends from the Midwest.  : )
  • Feeling like I live in a safe place/having attentive landlords.
  • THIS.
  • Balance Yoga Studio.
  • New experiences.
  • Hearing from Missouri friends.
  • Blue skies.



  • and pretty flowers!


And on and on and on and on and on…!

Full disclosure: The Good List normally starts with, “Thank you Spirit for… .” I’d prefer to start it with, “Thank you, God, for… .” Because I am absolutely thankful to God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit style) for each of these blessings–in addition to the grace and peace and love I feel on a daily basis.

Here’s to counting blessings, today and everyday. 🙂