Sundays in Ballard. (And Monday by the lake.)

I’ve spent eight of the last nine Sundays in Ballard. Seven of those eight were spent working at Hot Cakes. And, while I do love Sunday mornings at Hot Cakes (really, I do), I was excited to be a Ballard patron this last Sunday, as opposed to a Ballard employee.

Sundays in Ballard are mostly notable because of the Ballard Farmers Market. It is open every single Sunday of the year, no matter what, and it is lovely. Tons of gorgeous foodstuffs are showcased by a host of wholesome and passionate vendors. Naturally, this market attracts a big crowd, which is why working at Hot Cakes (on the same street as the market) is a  fun Sunday morning activity for me. I didn’t have to work this Sunday, though, so my new housemate, Alix, and I went to Ballard to roam around the market. It also happened to be the weekend of the Ballard Seafood Festival, so there were an additional one million people roaming around with us.

Of course, the weather was gross. It was nice on Saturday (when I worked all day), and then Sunday was gray and chilly. July 13th, and I was in pants and a sweater, carrying an umbrella, and sipping a latte–purchased with the sole intent of warming me as I walked. So Seattle.

It was a good time, though. Alix just moved here from New Jersey, so it was fun to show her around (likeIknowmywayaround). It was also fun to taste lots of yummy berries that are (finally!) in season. And buy some, too.

Although I apparently came away with zero photos of said berries. Good one.

The market (and Ballard itself, generally speaking) is also the site of various other forms of entertainment at any given time. Like, this pup named Ollie. A Poodle/American Eskimo mix.


So cute. And I’m not even a dog person.

And then of course, there are the musical acts.

The kid on the far right is ALWAYS playing/singing Wagon Wheel when I walk by. I want to hug squeeze him. Adorable.

As I mentioned, the Ballard Seafood Festival was occurring this weekend. So. Many. People. I think Alix’s words were, “Oh my gosh, Kristen… There are so many people, Kristen!” Haha. Good times. There was live music, and a beer garden, and all sorts of other activities. Like a street fair/ArtsFest, but on major steroids. We each had a fish taco, and it was pretty good. Not stellar, but good. Alix is now on a mission to find the best fish taco in all of Seattle. I may have to tag along for that.

Seafood Fest madness that went on for blocks, and blocks, and blocks.

So, there you have it. Sunday in Ballard. Hopefully I’ll have more chances to enjoy Sundays in Ballard as a patron. If not, I’ll continue to enjoy serving the market crowd while blasting their ears full of Big Smith and Ozark Mountain Daredevils, which is my Sunday music of choice at Hot Cakes. 🙂


While Sunday was gray and gross, Monday turned out to be gorgeous.

Lake Washington from the West.

Alix and I took full advantage. We went to downtown Kirkland, which is on the East side of Lake Washington, found a patio and a happy hour, had a drink and some guacamole, and then walked around the lake. Very refreshing.

Lake Washington from the East.

Thanks, Monday. 🙂