Back to School.

Welp, September came and went, and I am back to Washington and back to school. Before it passed, though, September was glorious. As soon as I was finished with summer school, I hopped on a plane headed for Missouri.

Aerial view of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood.

I got there just in time for Labor Day festivities and was able to make it to the lake (with some great people, of course) to say bye-bye to my summer that had seemingly just started.

A Table Rock sunset.

My time in the Ozarks was heavenly. I had a jaw-dropping (literally) experience when I walked into a local grocery store and saw this:

Yay, Springfield!

I spent a long weekend in Arkansas and decided if I ever go off the grid, that’s where I’ll reside. The Buffalo River and the Ozark Hills Mountains are God’s gift to United States geography, I think.

Heavenly wrap-around porch.


I walked/ran my favorite part of  the Galloway Creek Greenway. And stopped on a bench for an ab workout in the sun.

I hung out with this adorableness:

Yogini in the making.

I caught up with dear friends.

I took several evening walks with my mom, which allowed for some gorgeous sunset (complete with cattle) viewing.

Annnddd, I enjoyed the presence of this guy a little bit.

For real, you guys, there’s no place like home!

I also partook in various activities, such as: going out in public in my high school clothes and without make-up or a hairdo due to lost luggage, attending yoga as much as possible at my favorite Sumits Yoga – Springfield,  sipping coffee while watching the Today Show, leisurely reading from the grounding space of my parents’ back porch, watching my dear friend and former teammate coach softball at our high school alma mater, baking cookies, baking a really yummy and expensive lemon pistachio cake, hanging out by myself in Waynesville, attending a high school football game, assembling wedding programs, accompanying my mom to a quilt show, and attending the most perfect riverside wedding and barn/bonfire reception imaginable.

I had a real good time. And came back for school (only 12 hours before my first class!) feeling rested and healthy and sort of ready to go. Here’s to hoping the next 10 weeks fly by!

2012-2013 Opening Convocation with Rebecca.

Back to school and back to Lake Washington!