Summer in Washington {photo recap}: Part II

If you missed the first part of my summer summary (aka: the live music ramblings), click here to catch up.

In between all the live music events there were other notable happenings. My favorites among them were my summer classes–Therapeutic Cooking I (Maintaining Health & Wellness) and Therapeutic Cooking II (Disease Specific). Each class was a half day long and included both a lecture and a lab, which included preparing/cooking the meal of the week. So every Thursday I was in lecture for about three hours and in my school’s super awesome kitchen for five+ hours. These classes were electives, but they were hands down my most favorite thus far. They were also the most helpful, informative, and mind-blowing. Really glad I took them. Sadly, I do not have any kitchen photos to show for them. I did receive a kombucha start from one of the classes, though.

I now have kombucha out the ears, and I even brought some home (along with a start!) to Missouri. I think my parents are thrilled.

Between my two Thursday classes, my friend Rebecca and I almost always opted to sit outside and chat about non-school things instead of facing the impending doom of what would be a pop quiz in the next class.

This is the proud organic garden of Bastyr, and we spent a lot of time staring at/walking through it.

Come on, you wouldn’t have wanted to study for a quiz either.

I said in the Part I post that this summer allowed me to settle into Seattle life a little more, but I should’ve said Washington in general instead of just Seattle. On one random Friday, a couple friends and I took a day trip to Bellingham, which is north of Seattle by a couple hours (really close to Canada) and on the water. We stopped along the way to pick berries at a U-Pick organic farm and then continued on to Bellingham via backroads and small towns. Below is the view from our roadside picnic lunch, just outside of Chuckanut, WA.

The San Juan Islands are in the distance. Not too shabby for a lunch view, despite the less than desirable mid-July weather.

Once in Bellingham, we walked along the water, visited some cute coffee shops and bookstores, met some friends of friends, and enjoyed a patio dinner. Bellingham is a really cute, small, college (Western Washington University), hippie town, and I was glad to experience a different part of Washington. More waterfront photos below.

Towards the end of my summer in Washington, I had a visitor from Missouri.

Hanging out at Lake Washington.

Yay! Erica and I met at Jewell, and she now lives in Springfield. She came for a long four day weekend, and I took off from work, so it was really nice to just relax and show her around. I won’t take you through the entirety of our adventures, but here is an abbreviated version:

We rode the Ducks. Seriously. Like the land/water Ride the Ducks in Branson that take you across Table Rock–except Seattle and across Lake Union. It actually was a good tour, and I learned a lot about Seattle. These photos are from The Duck.

The blue/grey floating house on the bottom left is the one from Sleepless in Seattle.

Post Duck, we ventured down to the Pike Place area to do some touristy things. Like, see the original Starbucks. Outside of which these guys were putting on a show.

Not a bad form of entertainment for the 437690234875609387 people waiting to catch a glimpse inside Starbucks.

Later in the day we rode the new-to-the-area ferris wheel on a pier that Erica knew more about than did I.

View of the Puget Sound and the pier from the ferris wheel.

And then we found ourselves venturing down Alaskan Way to Seattle’s big weekend event…


Hemp Fest patrons. Great view. Less than great experience.

Seriously horrifying, for more than a couple reasons. And the grossest experience of my life. We were there for 20 minutes, which was 19.5 minutes too long. I will definitely never attend Hemp Fest in Seattle ever again. Ew.

Other than that, Erica and I mostly just traipsed around Seattle doing unexciting things. We visited Gas Works Park, walked in the woods and to the lake, and Erica took photos of me falling out of yoga poses. Thanks, Erica.

Falling out of a dancer pose somewhere near Gas Works Park.

Hanging out at Gas Works in our sweet outfits. They were sweet, trust me.

The result of an early morning hike to Lake Washington. I failed to reach the farthest rock.

Downward dog/standing splits/handstand prep/nothing pose, on the rocks.

And that was that.

That basically concludes my summer in Washington. I did celebrate a birthday during this time, and though I would have liked to be AT home to celebrate, I was at least able to celebrate with friends FROM home. My college friends Katie and John were in the middle of a Pac North roadtrip, so they came to hang out and stay with me for a couple days. We had a good time, but sadly Katie and I both failed to take any photos. Whoops. You can read about Katie’s adventures here.

I am currently in Missouri, for a short minute longer, and preparing to hit the ground running sprinting on Monday, when my 21-month journey to MSN graduation begins! Woooohoo. (Yes, I’m already counting down.)

I’ll try to be back with a summary of my recent Ozarkian adventures soon…ish. 🙂

The Birthday spread. Aww 🙂


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